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Screw the Sun: Goth up the spring with these Marketplace favorites

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Posted 07 April 2017 - 02:16 PM


Sometimes you just want the world to be a tragic, cracked reflection of the Baroque masquerade we call reality. This is a marketplace update made for that black void you like to call a soul, and itÂs coming to take over both the Legacy and Fresh Start servers.

Take flight and turn the day into the depthless night on the new Ravenspine Wings, now available on Legacy servers! This new Magithropter is sure to catch a few eyes, and it can even be imaged over the previous release of InochÂs Wings, and vice-versa (if you WANT that flashy, innocent look.) If that wasnÂt enough, embrace the lace with the new white lace Final Whisper Raiment or the black lace Careless Whisper Raiment costumes.

For those of you on Fresh Start servers, youÂll have plenty of despair in the air. Armor your wretched, fleshy body with the power of darkness and take on the mantle of the vigilante Dread Guard. Adorned by an unfeeling, emotionless porcelain mask, jump on the back of your faithful, ghastly steed and slay every piece of color your encounter.

New Credit Items: Legacy
Final Whisper Raiment Costume  1950 Credits

Ravenspine Archeum Supply Crate  490 Credits  Opening this crate will offer up a few of the items below, which includes the brand new Ravenspine Wings or the Careless Whisper Raiment Costume! This pack will only be around for a limited time, so make sure to get them before they disappear!

Common Drops:

Combat Scrolls (Lightning, Focus, Resilience, Toughness, Penetration, and Breakthrough), Clear Synthium Shards.

Uncommon Drops:

Archeum Crystals (Sunlight, Moonlight, and Starlight), Experience Grimoires, Greedy Grimoires, Fire and Wave Lunarites, Majestic Tree, Mining Drill, Superior Fire & Wave Lunarites, Red Regrade Charm, Vivid Synthium Shards.

Rare Drops:

Green Regrade Charms, Blue Regrade Charms, Fine Wave & Fire Lunarites, Companion Crusts, Sunlight Archeum Essences (Sunlight, Moonlight, and Starlight), Super Armor Temper, Super Weapon Temper, pack of Red Regrade Charms, Superior Red Regrade Charm, Lucid Synthium Shards, Kaleidoscope Flask, Wrapped Ravenspine Wings, Careless Whisper Raiment Costume.

Very Rare Drops:

Expansion Scroll, Archeum Essences (Sunlight, Moonlight, and Starlight), Thunderstruck Log, Thunderstruck Tree, Prime Armor Temper, Prime Weapon Temper, Vivid Refined Lunagems (Strong Blow, Sharpshot, Apex, Salvation, Buffet, Marksman, Extreme, Aid, Defense, Magic Defense), pack of Superior Red Regrade Charms, Miraculous Lunafrosts (Tracker, Love, Hostility, Transcendant, Fortitude, Giant), Radiant Synthium Shards, Special Pirate Plushie Trove, DuunÂs Blessing.

New Credit Items: Fresh Start
Final Whisper Raiment Costume  1950 Credits

Dread Guard Armory  490 Credits  Opening this crate will offer up a few of the items below, which includes the Dread Guard Armor, Wrapped Dread Steed (includes armor), the Dread Guard Nodachi weapon skin, and the Dread Guard Katana weapon skin! This pack will only be around for a limited time, so make sure to get them before they disappear!

Important Note: Unlike its Legacy counterpart, this supply crate does not offer Archeum!

Common Drops:

Lucky Quicksilver Tonics, XP Boost Potions, Honor Boost Potions, Vocation Expertise Tonics, Frankenflavor Jawbreakers, Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkins, Greedy Goblin Gummies.

Uncommon Drops:

Axle Grease, Rainbow Pumpkin Taffies, Fusion Alembics, Synthium Soap, Crest Brainstorm, Experience Grimoires, Greedy Grimoires, Companion Crusts, Vocation Tonic, Green Regrade Charms, Green Regrade Charms, Blue Regrade Charms

Rare Drops:

Super Weapon Temper, Super Armor Temper, Professional Tonic, Blue Regrade Charms, Blue Regrade Charms, Yellow Regrade Charm, Red Regrade Charm, Kaleidoscope Flask, Dread Guard Armor, Wrapped Dread Steed (includes Armor).

Very Rare Drops:

Prime Weapon Temper, Prime Armor Temper, Specialization Snowflake, Crest Trade Pack Storage, Language Proficiency Spellbook, Superior Yellow Regrade Charm, Special Pirate Plushie Trove, Superior Red Regrade Charm, Dread Guard Nodachi weapon skin, Dread Guard Katana weapon skin.

New Loyalty Items: Legacy
  • Ravenspine Wings  650 Loyalty

New Loyalty Items: Fresh Start
  • Careless Whisper Raiment Costume  400 Loyalty
  • Dread Steed  625 Loyalty
  • Dread Steed Helm  50 Loyalty
  • Dread Steed Saddle  60 Loyalty
  • Dread Steed Legguards  65 Loyalty

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